Radio Stations

Thousands of stations, both AM and FM simulcasting and internet only channels, searchable by genre, artist, song, album, stations call letters, and more.


Listen to live news radio; national, local interest, or world news

Talk Shows

Choose from hundreds of podcasts from nationally renowned hosts and news services (news, sports, politics, business, and more)


Huge variety of genres and styles for all ages and interests – all FREE and playable on your device


Compatible with Win 7 and 8 only


NetRadioPlayer is a totally free application that acts as a search engine for all of radio: songs, artists, shows and stations. Search for your favorite artist and listen to their music. Every 3-5 seconds tens of thousands of online radio stations are checked to see what is playing and the information is used to power our search engine. Search for artists, song titles, station names, shows, genres, and moreā€¦ The stations are from all over the world. About half are internet only stations and half are simulcasters who are transmitting their AM/FM station online as well


Compatible with Win 7 and 8 only


What our customers are saying

"The selection of local stations are awesome. I love that I can choose oldies, country, and rock of all and have them not just in Dayton but in Cincinnati, and Lexington. I appreciate the addition that you have given us with the new update. "


"I am totally impressed with all the stations that you provide. I am 60 years old and new to computers. Question where would i go for instrumental music for belly dancing (tribual) I would appreciate any feedback that i can get. and of course it has to be free . Thank you! for you time on this matter. greatly appreciated "


"I just wanted to say that this program is awesome. The stations are very clear with excellent sound. You have everything anyone could ever want in radio. Super, Super job folks!!! Thank you "


"i love this station it brings back so many memories when i was young back to the year 1965 thru 1969 the fun years. thanks got radio classic. "



Compatible with Win 7 and 8 only